30 January 2009

The 90's Fashion

1990's Fashion
The 90's fashion era was also referred to as “anti-fashion”, but in reality “anti-fashion” was only one of the many trends in fashion of the 90's.
The 90's was also characterized by minimalist styles, many over lapping and often contradictory trends.

The early 90's fashion significantly gave way to the rise of grunge fashion but in the latter part of it, many have moved away from grunge. Most of the population was still on the hang of the later years of fashion style(e.g. Styles from 60's and 70's).

90's look

Remnants from the 80's were still existing, like the famous shoulder pads which the ladies of the 80's truly adore, the mini-skirts(I have no comment on this one).

The 90's offer a lot of new and exciting trends, here are some of it:

The Long Line Jacket
long line jacket


Classic Blazer
classic blazer

Petticoat Dresses
petticoat dresspetticoat dress

In the mid-90's, Chinese cheongsam dresses and rich dress or interior brocade fabrics came out and become another addition to the fashion trend of 90's right after the handing over of Hong Kong from the British Colony.

chinese cheongsam dress


Long Cardigan coats
long cardigan coat

Coming Up Accessories, MakeUps and Hairstyles
coming up...


  1. love your post very much! it help my college task about 90's fashion much! thank you..:)

  2. It helped very much with my fashion project, thanks !! ;)