27 February 2009

It's a Designer Clothing, Cake Edition

Karl Lagerfeld, a German-born fashion designer and artist based in Paris, France. He has collaborated with on a variety of fashion and art related projects, most notably as designer at fashion house Chanel. Lagerfeld helms his own label fashion house which produces luxury fashion items (including haute couture, perfumes and accessories). - Article from Wikipedia

Only Karl Lagerfeld (in all his ooey-gooey goodness) could pull off an entirely white couture collection. And that's exactly what he did on the Chanel Spring '09 runway. Despite mixed reactions to the stark white motif, giant paper flowers, and white laser-cut details, Karl simply shrugged it off as "[starting] with a clean sheet of paper" (which in fashion is code for "I'm the only bitch on the block that could pull off a stunt like this). But, even in all it's washed-out minimalism, the devil was in the details. Every ruffled edge, lacy trim, and braided accent had me hearing wedding bells ringing in the distance. After all, what's more exquisitely detailed in all it's white glory than a towering wedding cake, complete with a floral topper.


20 February 2009

9 'must have' trends for Spring

Ken Downing, Fashion Director at Neiman Marcus: Its easy to welcome the new season into your wardrobe if you bring the following nine fashion trends for spring into your closet.

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