28 August 2009

Top 5 Crystal Bags at Judith Leiber

5. Spring Breeze Bag
Price: $3,495
This is a big rectangular minadiere, which has a gentle angled surface. It is hand beaded in wonderful spring flowers motif. It comes with a nineteen inch chain and a push down closure.

10 August 2009

Top 10 Celebrity Hairstyles for Summer '09

2009, a new season for celebrities to bring out their new and fresh hairstyles.

1. Katie Holmes Short Hairstyle
celebrity haircuts, fashion and style
This short hairstyle is an alternative to a supershort, pixie length cut. It is short enough to be very low maintenance but long enough to have some hair to frame the face. Some texturizing is done at hair ends. A round brush and blow dryer are all thats needed for a great look.

03 August 2009

What to wear, Where - 4 Dress Codes of Fashion and Style

fashion and style dress code

A dress code is a set of rules governing what garments may be worn together. Examples of dress codes are combinations such as "smart casual", or "morning dress". A classification of these codes is normally made for varying levels of formality and times of day. In traditional Western dressing, for men the more formal dress codes, such as "black tie", are highly codified with essentially fixed definitions, mostly unchanged for more than fifty years, while the more casual classifications change very quickly, and a world-wide or widely relevant discussion is impossible. For women, changes in fashion and style are more rapid.