23 January 2009

A Look Back - 80's Fashion - Make Ups

Every decade has its own style, and the 80s really had its own. From miniskirts to parachute pants and everything in between, something really went awry with our fashion sense during that decade. Make up was no exception.

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This is the look of the 80's.

Eyes and Cheeks
First and foremost there was just way too much of it. The girls of the decade literally “painted” their faces on. The two defining makeup elements in the 80s face were bold eyes and blush meant to accentuate the cheek bones. You can notice the heavy application of eye shadow and too much of blush, this makes you look better in the 80's. If your face didn’t look halfway clownish, you hadn't quite achieved the look yet.

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Cyndi Lauper, has a lot of great elements to point out, relating to makeup as well as 80s fashion in general. Notice the very heavy use of bright pink blush in combination with the heavy eyeliner and orange eyeshadow. On the fashion side, she's got the top over the shoulder thing going, lots of bangles and even a black lace fingerless glove on her right hand. On the hair side, she has the big, teased and off to one side do down pat.

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There were tons of eye shadow colors in heavy use throughout the 80s, but the color most associated with the decade is the god-awful electric blue stuff. What in the world were we thinking? The eyeliner, in particular, was worn in abundance and on the inside. Surely you remember gently pulling the bottom of your eye down to achieve the most complete coverage. Nothing says 80s valley vixen like tons of blue or teal eyeliner rimming the inside of your eyes. Bright blue eye shadow along with a bold secondary color, heavy eyeliner, colored mascara – let’s just say it was the complete opposite of the “natural” look that’s so popular today.

ralph laurenTalking about the eye makeup, let’s discuss an alternate use we found for eyeliner in the eighties. Before the 80s, having a mole wasn’t something to be proud of. Then we fell in love with Madonna and suddenly everyone wanted one. Ain't got them? Not a problem. Buy a stick-on or simply draw one on with brown eyeliner. Did it look good? Heck no! But come on, it was the 80s! Our totally bodacious babe shown above demonstrates both an excellent example of a blue and orange eye shadow palate along with the faux eyeliner-based facial mole.

Thanks to LikeTotally80s.com
Next issue would be "The 90's"

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