30 January 2009

The 90's Fashion

1990's Fashion
The 90's fashion era was also referred to as “anti-fashion”, but in reality “anti-fashion” was only one of the many trends in fashion of the 90's.
The 90's was also characterized by minimalist styles, many over lapping and often contradictory trends.

The early 90's fashion significantly gave way to the rise of grunge fashion but in the latter part of it, many have moved away from grunge. Most of the population was still on the hang of the later years of fashion style(e.g. Styles from 60's and 70's).

90's look

Remnants from the 80's were still existing, like the famous shoulder pads which the ladies of the 80's truly adore, the mini-skirts(I have no comment on this one).

23 January 2009

A Look Back - 80's Fashion - Make Ups

Every decade has its own style, and the 80s really had its own. From miniskirts to parachute pants and everything in between, something really went awry with our fashion sense during that decade. Make up was no exception.

designer clothing ralph lauren
This is the look of the 80's.

15 January 2009

A Look Back - 80's Fashion

In many generation now Fashion has been evolving so drastically every year. Bags, Shoes, Jackets, Skirts, Jeans, Make-up, Hairstyle all come to a new evolution yearly. All come and go like the 80's style which recently made a come back, straight hairs to curly and waves and back again. A cycle of never ending change.

Fashion and the 1980's
For some, the 80's were a great time. The creation of MTV revolutionized fashion, the music industry and even how we watched TV. For others, it was nothing but bad hair, worse clothing and music that often had more to do with machines than talent. We take the former approach and relish the excess and outrageous fashions that the 80's managed to make mainstream. We didn't accessorize - we "excessorized" and LOVED it.

14 January 2009

Golden Globe's "Hate it or Like it" Styles

Golden Globe has already ended, but wait.
Let's take a recap of "The Golden Globe's Celebrities Fashion Style".
The Love it and Hate it portion, so let's start now for the rundown:

women designer clothes
Alex Wek: Love or Hate
We love bright colored minis but were the sequins and the bow overkill?

women designer clothes
Maggie Gyllenhaal: Love or Hate
the "Too busy?" type

women designer clothes
Beyonce: Love or Hate
We know Beyonce is bootylicious, but this dress might make that point a little too evident.
Can she breathe?

women designer clothes
Jonas Brothers: Love or Hate
Spot the fashionable Jonas brother.

women designer clothes
Blake Lively: Love or Hate
Is it just us or is this dress falling down?

women designer clothes
Amy Adams: Love or Hate
Was this black a good choice?

Heidi Klum: Love or Hate
She wants her oversized flower back.

Thanks to Kiwibox.com