18 April 2011

The Brand New Vintage Hairstyles

Vintage Hairstyles  have captured the artistic skill of hairdressing and fashion designer all throughout the years. Although some underlying fundamental principles were followed, there's no rules restraining and applied given to the expression of each individual artistry. Perhaps this is the reason of their return in popularity today.
A vintage hair style paired with a vintage wedding dress is nothing short of a fabulous touch. Today the fashionable look of vintage hairs are once again revived, this is what we commonly call "retro-style".

Women, famous or not wanted to have these style on special occasions . I know your one of them, so why don't you take a look at these gorgeous celebrities with vintage hair styles and try them to yourselves too.

amanda seyfried retro style hair
Amanda Seyfried breaks things up a little bit
with a few separate wave patterns.

22 October 2009

Must have Eco Fashion and Style

  • something surreal: (Lara Miller Kelleigh Flip)
  • a decorated leg: (Stella McCartney)

25 September 2009

Trend Suited for Winter by Babini Kuki

Our collections – unique fashion lines, where each piece of clothing is designed exclusively as a modern expression of a traditional art. Over 200 original designs, each with a genuine handcrafted quality.

‘Babini kuki’ translates into ‘Granny’s knitting needles’.
It symbolizes the legends and traditions of a nation with over 1300 years of history.

21 September 2009

A Healthy Message from Fashion Designers

It’s Fashion Week in New York, and everyone is abuzz with spring 2010 trends. One trend happens to be seasonless- and that's good nutrition. This week the Council of Fashion Designers of America is distributing a nutrition pamphlet called ‘Model Foods For The Model Life' as part of the CFDA Health Initiative.

fashion and health

09 September 2009

Jill Stuart's Fall of 2009 Designer Clothes Collection

Jill Stuart was born in Manhattan on January 5, 1965 and attended the Dalton School. Her mother, Lynn Stuart, was a well known fashion designer in the 1960’s and 70’s, who dressed many celebrities including Natalie Wood and Lucille Ball.
In 1993, while the young contemporary New York fashion designers were setting forth grunge-inspired ensembles, Jill Stuart created a new sportswear label which was subsequently featured in Clueless. The glamorous pieces which have been described as "cool pretty girl" clothing by industry publications including Women’s Wear Daily, W magazine and Teen Vogue.
The Jill Stuart label is also well known[who?] for innovative ad campaigns with top fashion photographers on all fashion designer clothes.

Here are some of Jill Stuart's Fall of 2009 Collection:

Dorthea Barth Jorgensen