14 January 2009

Golden Globe's "Hate it or Like it" Styles

Golden Globe has already ended, but wait.
Let's take a recap of "The Golden Globe's Celebrities Fashion Style".
The Love it and Hate it portion, so let's start now for the rundown:

women designer clothes
Alex Wek: Love or Hate
We love bright colored minis but were the sequins and the bow overkill?

women designer clothes
Maggie Gyllenhaal: Love or Hate
the "Too busy?" type

women designer clothes
Beyonce: Love or Hate
We know Beyonce is bootylicious, but this dress might make that point a little too evident.
Can she breathe?

women designer clothes
Jonas Brothers: Love or Hate
Spot the fashionable Jonas brother.

women designer clothes
Blake Lively: Love or Hate
Is it just us or is this dress falling down?

women designer clothes
Amy Adams: Love or Hate
Was this black a good choice?

Heidi Klum: Love or Hate
She wants her oversized flower back.

Thanks to Kiwibox.com

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