01 May 2009

Paint-By-Numbers, totally unique

The paint-by-number is one of the trendiest thing ever happened to fashion, even though it never came out as a star. Being able to paint yourown shoe, bag, or clothes is a great thing to increase more fashionable ideas in your mind. Paint-by-numbers makes me feel that I am the maker of my own brand, imagine great fashion designers like Ralph Lauren, Karl Lagerfeld, Alexander McQueen, Chloe, CK, Versace and more doing a grand collection of Paint-by-numbers designer clothing.

"The paint-by-numbers revival has been invested with a certain degree of intellectual gravitas. This is a fad that has been elevated, by social historians and other lateral-thinking academics, into nothing less than a full-blown cultural phenomenon. Pictures painted by rote by bored housewives and hobbyists, patient or not-so-patient children, and assorted Sunday painters lacking the imagination or inclination to think up their own compositions, have suddenly metamorphosed into objects of social analysis and aesthetic contemplation. There has even been an entire exhibition devoted to the birth and progress of the phenomenon in America, at the Smithsonian Institution in Washington. The accompanying book, Paint by Number, by William L Bird, Jr, is to be published in this country." - telegraph.co.uk

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