11 December 2008

Designer Clothes Christmas Online Shops

designer clothes

Besides H&M, Zara, AE and all of the disposable and trendy retailers, there are a lots of shop out there waiting for you to discover. This holiday, try something new, shopping malls will be crowded all around. Online shops are one of your option and they're just waiting with lots of never-ending products. Here's some online shops that made name with their great quality and discounted products.


A provider of all things glamour and art. From clothing to photography books, Yoox has items on sale that are from past seasons. Think of it as a lesser-known BlueFly for extreme fashionistas. They carry common brands like Versace and D&G but also Comme des Garcons and DSQUARED at a fraction of the retail cost.


This department store is one of the best when it comes to customer service. From the moment you enter their doors until the moment you come back for more (because you will, trust me) you're treated as if you are their #1 customer. That's because to Nordstrom, everyone is the #1 customer. Refund and exchange policies are great but what's great are their sale prices. Granted they are a designer department store and are in quite a different tier than Macy's or Kohl's however for the value of what you're getting, the prices are worth it. Their BP department for juniors is an especially fun place to shop (even for twenty-something year olds like yours truly).


Rachel Leigh, an up and coming jewelry line, carries pieces that are amazingly stylish without making customers break the bank. It's quite unbelievable how much of a cult following the line has developed with celebrities when it's not something impossible to get.

Individual retailers & shops

There's nothing like getting or giving a gift that you know no one else has. Head to the historic areas of your cities or states where there are tons of antique shops. Chances are there are tons of consignment shops too with vintage stuff like scarves, belts and sunglasses. Brooklyn's Park Slope has a store called "1 of a Find" (1ofafindnyc.com) and it's a gold mine for vintage pieces that can still be worn today. Besides the fact that anything you buy will be unique, it's also a way to live green even on the holidays.

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