22 October 2008

Cocktail Rings for Designer Clothes

On Demand Fashion Designer Clothes - Cocktail Rings
As the new austerity enforced by economic gloom attempts to pervade every aspect of modern life it is always worth remembering that, although the house might be worth less than you paid for it and that you'd be insane to buy a new or even second hand car let alone a gas guzzler SUV or sports car, you must still try to have fun!

On Demand Fashion Designer Clothes - Cocktail Rings
Some have taken this seriously and have been hard at play in high-end shoe shops whilst others have opted to brighten up their jewellery collections. Everybody still wants nice, high quality things, but would rather not pay too much for them... Time to reacquaint and rediscover the joy of semi-precious jewellery. Handmade, exquisite items that don't cost thousands of pounds, just look like they do!

On Demand Fashion Designer Clothes - Cocktail Rings
Although Cocktail Rings are nothing new, the trend for very expensive diamond jewellery could fade with the GDP and this year is becoming all about big rings and bold colours like amethysts and peridots set in 18ct gold. They are big and they are clever! Although these items are not what would be described as “everyday wear” they do fulfill the main aim: to make their owners happy! The “Feel-good factor” is not something to be underestimated.

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